The Purpose Of A Fuel Pump

The reason cars need a fuel pump is because the gas tank is located on the opposite side of the car from the engine. The fuel pump is there in order to bring fuel to the engine.

Fuel pumps are either electrical or mechanical. Cars with electronic fuel injection systems use electrical fuel pumps and carbureted cars use mechanical fuel pumps.

Electronic fuel injection delivers gas by squirting it into the chambers of the engine. The fuel pump is located next to the engine of the car.

The carburetor delivers fuel through a vacuum. The vacuum brings the mixture of fuel and air to the engine and draws the gas along lines into the engine. Since extra help is needed, carbureted engines use a mechanical fuel pump that is next to the engine of the car.

Cars that have electronic fuel injection usually do not have a fuel pump that will fail. However, if the fuel pump does fail, the car will start sputtering and sooner or later it will die. Also, it will not start back up. If this happens it is a smart idea to have a road service program to come to your aid. Lastly, it is a good idea to purchase a vehicle service contract to help cover the costs of repairs.

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