Maintain Your Car’s Interior

You may see realize that your car is becoming messy due to friends, pets, kids, etc. It may be difficult to keep your car’s interior clean with people eating in your car and kids spitting up in your seat, but there are things you can do to help you keep the inside of your car clean.

It is a good idea to make sure that whatever people bring into your car, they take with them when they get out. This means that kids need to be responsible for taking books, cups, and stuffed animals out of the car with them. Another way to help with kids is to only allow them to bring one item in the car during each ride.

Leave a trash bag in your car. This will help for dirty, wet clothes or garbage that is in your car. You can leave your oldest child in charge of the garbage bag.

You can buy spill-proof cups and snack bowls for toddlers. Purchasing a “snack trap” will help you keep Cheerios and other snacks from spilling onto the floor in your car.

Also, keep toothpaste in the glove compartment in your car. This can help save your upholstery from getting stains. Rub it gently on ketchup or lipstick stains in order to remove them.

Buy rubber mats to put on top of your car’s carpets. If you do not wish to spend additional money, turn the carpet mats upside down so that the rubber side faces up.

It is not easy to maintain the interior of your car when you live a busy lifestyle. However, following these tips can help you. Do not just buy an vehicle service contract to maintain your car, but maintain the interior as well.

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