About Auto Protection Alliance

About Vehicle Service Contracts and our Philosophy

What are Vehicle Service Contracts?

The Auto Protection Alliance is an agency that provides Vehicle Service Agreements, what most people know as "Extended Warranties". We commonly refer to them as “Policies” or "Vehicle Service Contracts".  The Auto Protection Alliance is here to take the worry and frustration out of vehicle repairs. With amazing benefits including: Roadside Assistance, Towing and Rental Cars, our Vehicle Service Contracts keep your car on the road and your wallet in your pocket. Our highly trained Policy Advisors are available to help you find the most practical and affordable coverage options for all types of cars and trucks.

Call toll free (800) 356-8170 to receive a free quote.

Our Philosophy

We are setting new standards in the vehicle service contract industry.  Before the Auto Protection Alliance came onto the scene, consumers had very limited choices for a service contract, to pay the over-inflated prices from that of a dealer, or to get single nameless policy offered by some telemarketing company.  The founders of Auto Protection Alliance wanted to give the public what it wasn’t getting anywhere else: Choices. And not just some choice, a lot of choices. The average car qualifies for more than 75 service contract options, of various terms, prices, and from multiple companies.  For our customers, we don’t believe in one size fits all. Instead, we believe you deserve a protection plan that matches as closely as possible to your exact needs and wants. Prior to Auto Protection Allliance starting, multiple service contract options were either hard to find, or nonexistent. Now, they are all available after a few keystrokes, under one roof. The founders of Auto Protection Alliance saw that service contract companies not associated with dealerships limited customers to only one plan, usually of poor quality, but with a high price. If customers didn’t go that route, they would return to the dealership and pay a premium for a plan that helped dealers make up for the often low profits on new cars. Why not bring together service contract companies with the best reputations, that have been around the longest, and offer them to consumers at the lowest possible prices? 

We represent multiple administrators of vehicle protection plans that have excellent reputations, and which are directly insured by AM Best rated insurance companies.  The operations team at Auto Protection Alliance has a wide variety of experience in the vehicle service contract industry.

Talk to us to see what a different experience you get with the best-trained, and best educated Policy Advisors in the business.  We understand that vehicle service contracts are about protecting your second most expensive purchase next to your home, and that it’s about security. We changed the industry so that you can have a choice.  

Why Choose Auto Protection Alliance?

It's Simple... You won't find a Better Auto Service Contract priced less Anywhere! Because we are Auto Service Contract Brokers we are able to continuously monitor the administrators we offer policies for. We have researched to find the top policies in the industry. That means the best coverage for the customer at the lowest price!

One-Stop Comparative Shopping: We research hundreds of vehicle protection plans from the best providers to be able to offer an excellent selection to meet your needs.

Lowest Price: We sell policies direct from the insurance provider eliminating the middleman. You can save as much as 68% compared to policies purchased directly from a dealership.

Best Coverage: Because we research multiple policies from the industry’s Top Rated Insurance companies, we can offer policies you won’t find anywhere else that give you the absolute best coverage available for your budget. “Auto Protection Alliance is the industry leader in service contract insurance”


Even More Reasons to use Auto Protection Alliance...

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Administrators Accredited with BBB 
  • Select Products that are Insured & Reinsured Administrators
  • Multiple Providers allows you to Shop once for Best Price & Coverage
  • Plans available in all 50 States
  • Quotes from Multiple Providers to find Best Price Instantly
  • Coverage is Available on New & Used vehicles any Model Age or Mileage
  • Easy Payment Interest Free Payment Plans Available
  • Widely Accepted Service Contract Products Available
  • Claims are paid Quickly to the Repair Facility by Corporate Credit Card
  • All service contracts can be Transferred easily to a new owner
  • 24 x 7 Roadside Assistance Available
  • Customer service representatives are trained to assist you
  • Payment can be made by Check by Phone, money order or any popular credit card including American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
  • Money-Back Guarantee We will refund your money provided you have not made a claim and the written request and the contract is received back within 30 days of the purchase date of the contract.  Some fees maybe required.