The Auto Protection Alliance is setting the standard in automotive benefits created to enhance your vehicle buying and ownership experience

Vehicle service contracts are available to consumers in over 48 states nationwide. The Policies are provided through the top A+ accredited Administrator. With a 68% savings compared to the dealership, financially it just makes sense to let us help you. In an economy where every dollar counts wouldn't the wise thing to be choose us? Of course it would!  We offer over 75 plans through our top Administrators allowing for choices that allow for maximum savings and coverage.  Before we came on the scene you could only get these plans from your dealership. They could charge whatever they wanted. With options you’re no longer forced to pay higher prices for the same coverage you can get somewhere else. Click here for more information - Auto Protection.

Auto Protection Alliance is no further away than your nearest phone and their toll free number makes it a ‘Free Call’ and it doesn't get any better than that. The Auto Protection Alliance is leading the way along with being a trend setter in not only the Auto Warranty field but also in handling your ownership and maintenance costs as well and at today's 'Sky-High’ costs these little items can make and break you very quick but with the Auto Protection Alliance these uncounted and disastrous costs wont destroy your Auto nor your driving pleasure but on the other hand it’s you and Auto Protection Alliance that firmly controls these costs and that also keeps them under firm control for its no big secret that there are over 75 plans that our skilled administrators have set up all for your benefit and not just to carve out a Dollar either but which will serve to minimize your servicing and downtime all in order to maximize your road time and also to enhance your driving pleasure, So by all means do check out Auto Protection Alliance. Do so today and ‘believe me’, you won’t be sorry!


The # 1  premium Auto warranty Service broker that makes sure you get your money’s worth! Feel Confident that the Auto Protection Alliance will show you very plainly how using their service to buy new and used vehicle service contracts will save you a ton of cash. The facts are plain and the figures don’t lie . Some clients have saved close to 68% over dealership costs and that’s serious money and even more  this economy . That alone makes it crystal clear that Auto Protection Alliance is the name to trust if you are serious about keeping your auto repair along with your transportation costs down. You will save a lot of money just by joining up and the process is easy as all you have to do is to contact Auto Protection Alliance period! After all the 24 X 7 Roadside Coverage is hard to beat anywhere especially in these times and we haven’t even discussed the Powertrain Coverage policy or the Component Coverage auto warranty and that alone makes it plain that Auto Protection Alliance has definitely got you covered both front and back. Keeping well in mind if your budget is modest that it’s no trouble to set up an ‘Easy Payment’ Plan which can make your hard dollar go even farther along with the fact that this new firm Auto Protection Alliance has an available -Toll Free Number- to getting your vehicles all set up and covered is easy and to get set up today there’s no better way than to call right now as for your safety and your own peace of mind it’s good to remember that Auto Protection Alliance is the nation’s leader providing auto warranties .

Call us today for all of your vehicle service contract (auto warranty) questions.

Friendly Customer Service

Have questions?  Our friendly customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have.  Simply call our toll free number to speak to the  auto processing center customer service team. They are there to help you with all of your policy questions and concerns .

Easy Pay Options

The Auto Protection Alliance offers a simple plan to make it even more affordable. Start your coverage immediately with easy monthly payments and no credit checks or fee's. 


30 Day Guaranty

Each plan has at least a 30-day full money-back guarantee (provided there are no claims) . 

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